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ROSE SSA – Head and Neck / palpable masses

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Images first published: Glinski et al. Single slide assessment: A highly effective cytological rapid on?site evaluation technique for endobronchial and endoscopic ultrasound?guided fine needle aspiration.  Cytopathology 30, 164–172 (2019).

Diagnostic pitfalls and considerations

  • Fibrotic change due to recent radiotherapy can make it difficult to obtain a cellular sample. Iatrogenic changes must also be taken into consideration.
  • If only a small amount of sample is aspirated into the needle, then syringe the sample straight onto the slide and advise application of suction maybe required on the next pass.
  • Necrosis / sufficient viable material for effective p16 testing.
  • In cases where lymphoma is suspected or low-grade lymphoma can not be excluded on cytology alone. Then a biopsy maybe required (dependant on local protocol for lymphoma typing).