Liquid based cytology

Principles of the preparation of Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) slides A sample of cells is collected from the cervix in the normal way using a spatula or broom sampling device The  sample is transferred into a container of preservative/ transport medium The cell are dispersed in the fluid An aliquot of the suspension  is selected […]

Automation and Liquid Based Cytology

On completion of this section the cytotechnologist should know: The requirements of an automated system The basic components of an automated system Automated systems which have undergone clinical trials Principles of Liquid based cytology Surepath and thinprep commercial systems Advantages and disadvantages of liquid based cytology Adequacy of LBC specimins Bethesda recomendations for assessing adequacy […]


Introduction to automation Cervical screening is a  repetitious time consuming task :thus it is a very suitable target for automation.      The first static cells scanners were developed 50 years ago, one of the first being the Cytoanalyser (Airborne Instruments laboratory New York). Despite over $5,000,000 being spent on its development (a lot of money […]


Requirement  of  an Automated system for primary screening cervical smears In 1984 the International Academy of Cytology defined the requirements the system  must not pass as negative any sample that contains malignant cell the system should be able to detect artifacts and identify infectious organisms such as trichomonas vaginalis and candida species Current requirements are […]

Basic components of scanning system

Basic components of a scanning system Most automated systems for cervical cytology are static image analysis systems which comprise a cell scanner linked to an independent interactive review system which presents selected images to the screener The scanner comprises an electronic camera mounted on a microscope which has a motorised stage. The camera is linked […]

Types of instruments

Three automated devices which utilised neural networks for smear analysis have been subjected to extensive multicentre trials and subsequently approved by the American Food and Drug Agency for screening cervical smears.    These were: Papnet (Neuromedical Systems IncAmsterdamBV) AutoPap (Neopath Inc Redmond Washington USA) Tripath FocalPoint system The Papnet and AutoPap systems were developed in the […]