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Role of Management in establishing quality performance in the cytology in the laboratory

The EU guidelines recommend that the laboratory manager should have overall responsibility for Quality Assurance in the cytology laboratory. His or her duties will involve:

Monitoring the local cervical screening program

  1. Collaborate with local/ regional / national health authority in monitoring cervical screening program
  2. Agree formula for record keeping and annual returns with the above authorities
  3. Institute and monitor fail safe procedure for follow up of abnormal smears
  4. Prepare annual return of number of smears processed annually by laboratory classified by age, source (GP, colposcopy clinic , well women clinic etc).
  5. Prepare annual return  of number of smears classified by final report (inadequate / negative /ASCUS , LSIL , HSIL)
  6. Prepare annual return on number of women referred  for colposcopy and colposcopic biopsy findings. Determine Sensitivity and specificity and PPV of cytology report  on basis of histological findings.
  7. Compare laboratory performance against agreed Quality Standards.
  8. Provide feedback for smear takers i.e. number of inadequate smears
  9. Set up review panel of cases of invasive cancer
  10. Prepare annual report