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QUATE Exams 2015 in Ljubljana

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Date: 08 May 2015

Location: Institute of Pathology Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana Korytkova 2 SI-1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Time: 12:30

Ljubljana, Slovenia,  Friday 8th May 2015,  2.30pm

The exam will take place as part of the EFCS tutorial.

This exam is available in conventional cytology/ Surepath & Thinprep

Available Language(s): Slovenian and English
Please contact Helena Gutnik for more details.

Application form (download it here) must be sent to: helena.gutnik@gmail.com attached to an e-mail message. Do not send conventional mail.

Helena Gutnik, MD, PhD,
Email: helena.gutnik@gmail.com

The fee is: 80 Euros if taken as part of the tutorial and 150 Euros if you attend the QUATE exam only.
Based on their applications the candidates will receive invoices  and  after  the payment  they will get the confirmations.